Which Shingle Looks Best On My House?

There are many factors when selecting a new shingle roof; Which shingle manufacturer should I choose? Which warranty should I choose, a standard or wind extended? What bests fits my budget? (Standard or Luxury).   Perhaps one of the hardest questions is, COLOR! There is nothing w
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If I Upgrade My House Will I Recoup My Money?

If you are fortunate enough to be a homeowner in this country then you are aware the price tag on fixing items, especially unforeseen items. But what about the items that will add value. You may think I don’t like this old siding but I don’t plan on living here forever I&#
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Do I need a new roof?

Of all the services we offer, roofing is without a doubt priority number one. If you are in the market for new siding or a deck, we would be glad to help. However in this new economy we’d hate to see you spend money on ascetics and looks, when perhaps the roof function is more i
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Is it too cold to replace my roof?

Around this time of year this is a common question asked by home owners in need of a new roof. There is actually no set temperature by the shingle manufacturers. They simply recommend not installing below 40 degrees for an easier installation. Many times the day will start out well be
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composite vs wood deck

Composite vs Wood Deck

Composite vs Wood Deck Summer is behind us but does not mean deck season is over and if you are in the market for a new deck you have one major question. Composite deck or wooden deck? The trend is defiantly heading towards composites decks for maintenance reasons but there are of cou
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Roofing Underlayment and the Importance of Quality

Tayman Roofing & Siding Recommends Synthetic Roofing Underlayment Not all roofing underlayments are created equal. Have you ever been driving on a cold winter morning and looked up at a shingled roof and noticed how wavy it looks? This is not “because that’s what a hou
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